Ms. Piracci was raised in the Austin, Texas, area and began studying classical voice as a child.  Over the years, audience members have complimented her on the angelic and arresting quality of her singing.  Always preoccupied with music and books, she continues as an adult to plumb the intellectual and emotional depths of the great composers.

Convinced of the capacity of music to touch, to build and to heal, Ms. Piracci views both opera and art song as wonderfully rich vehicles.  She also shares the oratorio and song traditions in weddings, memorial services and church services and uses the specificity of these events as an opportunity to celebrate, comfort and worship with families and communities in the most intimate of human moments.

Ms. Piracci sees music as not simply an important part of her life – rather, it is a catalyst for any productivity and happiness she enjoys.  She feels it is her God-given purpose to share such pleasure and beauty with others.